by Nic Krieg



This is a song about responsibility. This is a song about growing up. It's a reminder that pets make great gifts but they aren't cute forever. They do grow up. (all tongue in cheek of course).


Pig's in the house again
More than my momma can stand
I think that she thinks you stink
But you just want a drink

Pig's in the house again
My momma she's not a fan
I think she's gonna get a knife
You better run for your piggy life

Pig's in the house
Why didn't you you stay outside?
Pig's in the house
Then you wouldn't have died
Pig's in the house
Why did you come inside?

Sitting down with no remorse
And a side of apple sauce
My momma, she, eats your little ears
My eyes they well with tears


Well If you'd stayed outside like I motherfucking asked
Then I wouldn't have cooked and eaten your, your ass.
Muddy trotters on the floor I just couldn't stand.
That's why I had to put you on my sandwich
Sauce should I have on my plate?
I miss ya little piggy but damn you taste great.
You were squealin in the kitchen, squealin in the bed. I had to put a bullet through your squealin fuckin head.
Who do ya think ya are Babe, Pig in the City?
Walking around with your ass all shitty
Now I wear ya curly tail 'round my neck on a chain, you made me do it pig, I'm fucking insane!


Pig for dinner again
It's more than I can stand
Of course little piggy, I feel sad
But them's the best ribs that I've ever had


released May 29, 2016
Written by Nic Krieg and Jesse Butler
Produced and Recorded by Danny Hooper



all rights reserved


Danny Hooper SA, Australia

An enduring Singer Songwriter, Danny Hooper has pursued a career in music for more than 20 years, receiving numerous accolades both nationally and internationally for his songwriting talent. Danny is now achieving new levels of success following the release of his debut CD The Legacy. Danny’s music is honest, heartfelt and his recordings are top quality global standard. ... more

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